3D Printing With Ember

Minimal Force Mechanics

Ember’s mechanics are designed to minimise the forces exerted on the part during printing, which allows for fine detail parts to be produced.

Speed and Throughput

17 rings every 2 hours

All the parts on the build plate are built simultaneously. The more parts you build the more efficient the process and the higher the return on your investment.

Connected Ecosystem

Send jobs over ethernet, WiFi or USB from Spark powered applications.

Engineered for Simplicity

Quick build head calibration and interchangeable resin trays make Ember simple to use.

Built for Quality

Ember was designed in-house by Autodesk and is built in San Jose, California at tier 1 contract manufacturer to ensure quality.

Photopolymer Resins

High Detail CMYKW

Print precision, detailed models in any color

High resolution and high speed resins, optimized for prototyping. Designed to reduce degradation of the resin tray and keep you printing continuously for weeks.

Investment Casting

Produce patterns ready for casting

Autodesk worked closely with jewelers and casters to formulate an investment casting resin optimized for Ember. Developed to maintain feature definition and for ease of casting.

Open Materials

Use any compatible third party resin

The Ember team is committed to openness. With full access to all the machine settings and an open resin tray you can use any compatible third party resin on the market.

Autodesk Print Studio

Streamline your workflow with Autodesk’s Spark Powered print preparation software. Print Studio keeps your production moving by analyzing, fixing and preparing your 3D files in minutes then delivering them wirelessly to Ember.

Ember Support

Gain access to cutting edge resources, an active community of users and Autodesk's dedicated technical support. All designed to keep you printing.

Ember is Open

Use Ember as a research platform to explore the next-generation of stereolithography.

Hack the Hardware

Formulate your own materials

Fork the Firmware

Enhance the electronics

Ember Bundle

Ember DLP® 3D Printer
1 x 1L Standard clear prototyping resin
1 x 1L Black prototyping resin
2 x Build heads
4 x Resin trays
Finishing kit
1yr Pro subscription of Fusion360

Finishing Kit

Cutting mat
50 x Nitrile gloves
Safety glasses
2 x Watertight containers

Printing Specs

XY Resolution
50 microns
Z Resolution
10-100 microns
Build Volume (X, Y, Z)
64 x 40 x 134 mm
18 mm/hour at 25µm layers


Acrylate Photosensitive
Standard Clear
Cyan Prototyping
Magenta Prototyping
Yellow Prototyping
Black Prototyping
White Prototyping
Investment Casting

Printer Specs

DLP® Stereolithography
Projector Properties
All glass optics

LED Properties
5W optical power
405nm wavelength
20,000 hours lifespan

325 x 340 x 434 mm
Operating Temperature

WiFi, Ethernet, USB
Power Requirements
12V 8.5A DC
50/60 Hz

UL 60950-1

Print Studio

System Requirements
Windows 7 and 8
Mac OSX 10.9 and above

.STL and .OBJ file import
Automatic mesh healing
Automatic support generation & manual support editing features
Augmentation, rotation & placement
Autodesk Spark Print Manager for seamless hardware integration over wifi, ethernet and USB